Luca Stroppa


Turin University,  PhD Student
St. Andrews University, PhD Student

Member of Center for Ethics, Philosophy, and Politics and Public Affairs (CEPPA) at St. Andrews University

Member of Consulta di Bioetica Onlus 




Luca Stroppa

I am a PhD philosophy student under the supervision of  Maurizio Mori (FINO, Turin University), Theron Pummer and Justin Snedegar (both at St. Andrews University),  member of the Center for Ethics, Philosophy and Public Affairs (CEPPA), and member of Consulta di Bioetica onlus.

I obtained my Master’s degree at Stockholm University in 2019, under the supervision of Krister Bykvist, and I completed my Bachelor’s in Università Statale di Milano under the supervision of Renato Pettoello

My primary interests are population ethics, moral theories and wellbeing theories. My PhD research plan focuses on what makes the difference between a life worth living and a life worth not living, and is an attempt to challenge some background assumptions in Population Ethics in order to make some progress towards a population axiology. I am also interested in personal identity, infinite ethics, climate ethics, bioethics and logical puzzles such as Sorites arguments and spectrum arguments.

This is my Curriculum Vitae.


10 February 2022: CEPPA talk with Michael Huemer, on “Justice before Role Obligations”. For further details, contact me or CEPPA

Publications, Research and Seminars

2021: Publication of “La fine della riproduzione? Esiste una popolazione ottimale e come raggiungerla” on Bioetica, rivista interdisciplinare, 28, 2-3, pg. 395-406.

10/22/21: presentation of the paper The Monstrous Conclusion at the St. Andrews Work In Progress Seminar

10/15/21: talk “The problem of Lives Worth Living” at St. Andrews University Philosophy Friday Seminar

9/16/21: talk  “The problem of Lives Worth Living” at BSET Graduate Conference 

7/5/21: presentation of the paper “The Neutrality Puzzle in Population Ethics” at the FINO Work in Progress Seminar at Villa San Remigio, Verbania.

7/11/21 at 12.15: presentation of the paper The Monstrous Conclusion at the Workshop on Welfare, at Saarland University

5/5/21: I wrote  an introduction, in Italian, to the nonidentity problem, available here. Thank you, Colloqui di Bioetica, for hosting it!


5/8/2021: lecture “I problemi di etica di popolazione. Esiste un ottimo di popolazione?” (Population ethics and its problems. What is the optimal population size?) at Scuola Superiore di Bioetica 

3/21/2021: presentation of the paper The Monstrous Conclusion at the Work in Progress seminar of the Institute for Future Studies.


2/3/2021: presentation of the paper The Monstrous Conclusion at FINO’s Work in Progress seminar.


1/21/2021: talk “Il valore delle popolazioni: una introduzione” at Congiuntamente.
Link and details here


11/21/2020 Austin Graduate Ethics and Normativity Talk (AGENT) Conference 2020. Talk on “The Monstrous Conclusion: an upper limit for welfare levels?”.


11/18/2020, speaker at the conference Scienza ed etica del controllo riproduttivo: come sarà la riproduzione umana nel 2050?”, organized by SIFES-MR (Società Italiana di Fertilità, Sterilità e Medicina della Riproduzione).
Presentation title: “La fine della riproduzione? Esiste una popolazione ottimale e come raggiungerla”
Video here
 (in Italian) 


2019 Publication of “Choosing Who Lives our Life” on Argumenta 5, 1, 139-153. 


 2019 “Opponer” at the Stockholm Higher Seminar in Practical Philosophy of the paper  “Why Derek Parfit had reasons to accept the Repugnant Conclusion (and did in passing accept it)” by Torbjörn Tännsjö (Stockholm)
Now published on Utilitas  Vol. 37, pag.387-397, Cambridge University Press


My Master’s thesis, Wellbeing Gaps and Repugnant Conclusions


My Bachelor’s thesis, Utilitarianism: Problems, Solutions and Possible Developments