Luca Stroppa

Turin University,  PhD Student
St. Andrews University, PhD Student

Member of Center for Ethics, Philosophy, and Politics and Public Affairs (CEPPA) at St. Andrews University

Member of Consulta di Bioetica Onlus

Luca Stroppa

I am a PhD philosophy student under the supervision of  Maurizio Mori (FINO, Turin University), Theron Pummer and Justin Snedegar (both at St. Andrews University),  member of the Center for Ethics, Philosophy and Public Affairs (CEPPA), and member of Consulta di Bioetica onlus.

I obtained my Master’s degree at Stockholm University in 2019, under the supervision of Krister Bykvist, and I completed my Bachelor’s in Università Statale di Milano under the supervision of Renato Pettoello.

My primary interests are population ethics, moral theories and wellbeing theories. My PhD research plan focuses on what makes the difference between a life worth living and a life worth not living, and is an attempt to challenge some background assumptions in Population Ethics in order to make some progress towards a population axiology. I am also interested in personal identity, infinite ethics, climate ethics, bioethics and logical puzzles such as Sorites arguments and spectrum arguments.

This is my Curriculum Vitae.

This is a list of my publications.

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You can find my theses and my pieces of public philosophy here.


22-24 March 2023: I am giving the talk “A dilemma for value pluralists about wellbeing” at the conference Understanding Value XI at Scheffield University

6-8 June 2023: I am organising and giving a talk at Energy Ethics 2023: Financing the future